Are you happy with the direction our great
country is headed ?
Think of the government as one giant
Frankenstein's monster
First it takes a step with the left foot, then it
takes a step with the right foot, then left,
then right,
and it doesn't matter which foot is taking the
step, it's still a step in the wrong direction
I live in New York, where the republicans are
democrats, and the democrats are
It's not the left that's ruining our country, it's
not the right
It's BOTH of them, and we need to clean
Flush For Freedom is the way to do that
When you go into the voting booth, think of
the voting lever as the flusher on a toilet, and
vote out ALL incumbants
Who is right for the job of representing us ?
Anybody who isn't in office, that's who
Hell, Mickey Mouse would be a better choice
than the criminals we have now
I understand that we can't "just say no", we
need an alternative, well, I've already
thought of that
It's called Primary Challenge